CLIENT: Ethan Allen Inc. (16,000 Man Hours increased to 42,000 hrs. with 3 years Maintenance)

Ethan Allen Photo Studio (EA-PS) is a part of corporate Ethan Allen, which is responsible for magazines, photo shoots / video production, PR events and projects, seminars etc. for Ethan Allen product range.

Monitoring Inventory flow and products dispatched to various retail stores was a problem.

Magna developed a powerful tool for Ethan Allen, covering inventory maintenance of EA- PS, generating purchase order reports, inventory reports etc. This application provided easy maintenance and perfect control on inventory, maintained P&L records on products and details of goods damaged in transit. It also allowed the fixing and maintaining a profitable re-order level at all times and issued a profit/loss projection on the business.

Technologies Used: Client/Server architecture, VB for UI, SQL Server, NT Server, Crystal Reports


CLIENT: Thomson/Course Technology (9,400 Man Hours extended to 28000 hrs.)

Most of Thomson’s technical e-learning courses could be used stand-alone or via the Internet. Thomson needed an application to be developed that would serve the Labs to students transparently and across multiple textbooks.

Magna developed a complete e-learning application called the Student Edition Labs version 2.0 for Thomson Course Technology. These labs are shared resources that can be used by multiple books for presenting the computer concepts.

The application allows the users to learn computer concepts by reviewing, practicing, observing and applying the basic concepts through an interactive, content rich, browser based interface. Full navigational functionality is provided by way of play, pause, next/previous buttons.

Technologies Used: Dream Weaver MX, Macromedia Flash MX, XML SPY, HTML, Javascript, Adobe Photoshop


CLIENT: Gastroenterology Associates (48,000 Man Hours)

GEA wanted a system that would automate their entire healthcare operation, including scheduling, registrations, record keeping and claims processing. The required system had to be simple, robust and easy to use.

Magna developed and implemented the GEA Patient Point software application using four modules: Appointments, Registration, Claims and Pharmacy. This streamlined the client operations, facilitated efficient data retrieval and data management. The online pharmacy module enabled the filling up of prescriptions easy, thereby increasing patient satisfaction.

This application is compliant with HIPAA, HL7, DICOM and other standards.

Technologies Used: VB.Net and SQL-Server


CLIENT: Pitney Bowes (18,000 Man Hours)

Pitney Bowes wanted to archive various application test results for further improvements or any future enhancements.

Test results originated from manual and automated tests.

Magna created a proprietary Test Results Archival System that captured the results from executed system test cases and archived them in a database in order to facilitate requirement traceability and test coverage analysis. It also generated required reports for a given product for review and timely corrective action whenever needed to ensure continuous smooth functioning of important application.

Technologies Used: VB.NET, C#, SQL-Server 2000, Rational Suite


CLIENT: Verizon (20,000 Man Hours)

Verizon was required to maintain an inventory of plug-ins that amounted to hundreds of millions of dollars. It need an efficient system to track the movement of these plug-ins from client to warehouse to repair centers as well as update their master databases with this information. The success of this application was critical due to regulatory and financial controls.

Magna developed and supported the Plug-In Tracking System for Verizon that utilized handheld devices communicating with Verizon’s communication, application and database servers to provide a transparent and fool-proof tracking method for the millions of plug-ins in the Verizon domain. This application has saved Verizon millions of dollars every year and has provided an efficient way to monitor its inventory.

This project needed a strong interaction with Verizon operations managers as this application was developed on Onsite at client premises.

Technologies Used: RS/6000, AIX, C, Pro*C, PL/SQL, Oracle, MQ Series